Introducing PubINDEX, the future of indexing.

  • Create high-quality indexes right within Microsoft Word
  • Reduce indexing time by 50%
  • Future-proof your indexes, with features like bi-directional hyperlinking
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Wow your customers with superior indexes delivered early

PubINDEX - built
for practitioners
by practitioners.

It is unlike software built by technologists alone. Users appreciate the tremendous richness and ergonomics of its design and implementation. PubINDEX was built with our long-standing process engineering philosophy – to optimally balance the processing power of the computer with the cognitive power of the human mind.

PubINDEXTM powered by PubLOCKTM





1 User

1 Manuscript

For indexers and authors looking to index a single manuscript

Save $ 80


$45/month billed annually
$90/month billed quarterly

1 User

Unlimited Manuscripts

For professional indexers looking to index multiple manuscripts



$135/month billed annually
$270/month billed quarterly

5 Users

Unlimited Manuscripts

For publishers and businesses looking to improve process efficiencies




Over 5 Users

Unlimited Manuscripts

For large publishers or businesses looking to outsource indexing

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  • What is PubINDEX?

    PubINDEX is a Word add-in allowing the user to create indexes directly in the manuscript. Once downloaded and installed, PubINDEX unleashes a powerful tool kit to create indexes with ease and efficiency. The user-friendly, flexible interface enables users to focus on quality. PubINDEX is part of PubSUITE™.

  • Do I need to be a professional indexer to use PubINDEX?

    No. PubINDEX is designed for indexers, authors, and companies producing indexed documents such as user manuals.

  • Who uses PubINDEX?

    PubINDEX is designed for indexers, authors, publishers, and businesses that require content to be indexed. You can select the type of subscription that best suits your needs. All users have access to the full spectrum of PubINDEX functions. The only difference between the subscription types is the number users and the number of manuscripts that can be indexed.


Other PubSUITE™ Productivity Tools

A boon for authors struggling to achieve consistency across their manuscript. PubLEX identifies inconsistent terminology, and comma usage, and ensures that brackets are “balanced”.


Automated picture analysis and conversion engine, ensuring that all your images conform to specifications. PubPACE eliminates the hassle and cost of image rejections.


PubREF takes the frustration out of creating references. It helps authors standardize references to conform to the required editorial style and “link” them with their correct in-text callouts.


PubALT enables the creation of Alt-text, essential for §508 accessibility compliance. Alt-text is also a potential revenue stream for publishers through search engine optimization (SEO).