Welcome to PubINDEX

Indexing is rewarding but complicated and highly technical work.

Believe it or not, we know some things about you.  Right now, you are an up-and-coming indexer with a dream to become better and faster and grow your own business. What you want most is the ability to make more income and gain the freedom to enjoy your life. In the past, you've experienced frustration with long indexing assignments with short deadlines. And like most indexers, what really petrifies you is spending all this time working and not getting ahead due to factors outside of your control like slow technology.

It's not your fault.  You've just been working with what was available.

Here are the facts: the indexing tools you currently use aren't as helpful as they could be. In fact, the tools you are using are slowing you down, costing you time, and therefore, money. Antiquated indexing software that is supposed to be helping you, is doing the exact opposite.

Solving problems is all we do.

For 30 years, we have led a group of dedicated engineers on a mission to solve problems for people by providing technology to help them work better. We believe in the balance between the cognitive power of the mind and the processing capabilities of the computer that can be applied to any vocation. Our mission of continuous innovation has helped hundreds of publishing companies, libraries, and museums solve their workflow issues. We give people the tools that will make their work better while making their lives easier.  Now, we want to help you.

Our expertise helps yours.

We just can’t sit still when there is a better way to approach a problem.  After years of supporting the publishing industry to bring written works to the world, we had thoroughly examined the process of book production. Of all the specific tasks involved, indexing was ripe for innovation. 

We know that your mind is your most important indexing tool and you have honed it to understand each step of the indexing process.  You are an expert in how to interpret the words to give the reader the best guidance possible for each manuscript. 

We also know that you are hindered in doing your work quickly by the constraints of technology. Current tools for book indexing are still predicated on manual input from outside the manuscript.  You may be used to it, but we know it is slowing you down, affecting your bottom line, and more importantly, the quality of your life. 

The solution.

We worked side by side with indexers to examine indexing from your perspective.  Together, we analyzed the pain points and time-consuming tasks that could be fixed by technology. When we looked carefully, we discovered many opportunities to take friction out of your work by reducing typing, clicking, and reflowing. We also designed our software to self-drive you to future instances of each term you index. In the end, what we developed is simply about finding every way possible to increase your productivity as simply as possible. We are going to cut your work time in half.

We are proud to give you PubINDEX

On this exciting day, you now have a new, proven tool to help you index faster and smarter.  In fact, you could conceivably double your income with the time you will save, when you finally have time to take on more indexing contracts. With PubINDEX, it is easy to get better return for your hard work. So, if you are an indexer who is serious about building your business success, you want more income and the freedom to enjoy your life, PubINDEX will help you do just that and more.

Check PubINDEX out here.